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11" of snow in late January of 2009  Shoveling is good exercise.
(Yes, I need to paint the garage door.  The soffits and trim used to be that color as well, and the roof was close - yuk.  It's much better with the new roof, gutters, soffits, trim, windows, and doors - but yike$.


When I worked in a clerical position, this was my workstation.  Bins, phone, credit card machine, PC, and fax all within reach, with plenty of desktop space as well.  There's very little scope for improvement, I'd say

When I worked in technical service, this was the room I designed when the boss said "make it look like a lab".  I disliked the idea of having all the parts and tools behind closed doors or in drawers, but quickly took a liking to it.  (The left side of the room has workstations that match those shown).  When tidy, the room elicited "wow"s from visitors.  But when things got crazy it could become .... less than tidy.  (Stage Two was to be a matching desk surface with filing cabinets, placed in the lower right of the picture.  But there never seemed to be time to get that started.)   I sure do miss those stools - they are now special order only @ $400! ;-(  


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