The following devices are not UL listed, and may not meet federal, state, or local codes.  If you use the following information as a guide for your own gear, you do so at your own risk.


Here's my original outlet box design.  It's a very heavy plastic box designed to accept plastic conduit.  It has a "weatherproof" cover and a Decora duplex outlet.  I drilled the ends out to accept the Neutrik PowerCon connectors.  (The lid and box, which I found at Menard's, are by Kraloy.)  Also see the O.A. Windsor site.






As I'm a small time PA guy who doesn't have to worry about inspectors looking for equipment that does not meet NEC entertainment use codes, I abandoned the above design (which may or may not meet said codes) and went with something easier and cheaper.  (There's links to other alternatives there as well.)